How to Embrace Sustainability in Your Office Fit-Out with These Simple Steps


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7 September 2023

In July 2023, the Europe experienced an extraordinary heatwave, shattering temperature records and reminding us of the urgent need to address climate change. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, it’s imperative that we prioritise sustainability in all aspects of our lives, including the design and furnishing of our office spaces. Sustainability not only mitigates our ecological impact but also influences recruitment and retention. A recent Gallup study revealed that 71% of individuals now consider a company’s environmental practices when choosing their employers. To remain competitive and attract top talent, businesses must take sustainability seriously. At Estilo Interiors, we’re committed to helping you make your office fit-out more eco-friendly and responsible.

Choose UK based Suppliers and Contractors:
When embarking on an office transformation project with a sustainability focus, begin by selecting UK-based manufacturers and suppliers. The UK boasts a wealth of exceptional designers and manufacturers in furniture, technology, and materials. Opting for local sourcing reduces the carbon footprint associated with overseas deliveries while supporting the local economy. This principle extends to choosing UK based companies and contractors for your fit-out project, promoting sustainability at every level.

Prioritise Eco-Friendly Materials:
In the past, materials such as plastic, leather, suede, and synthetic cotton were commonplace in furniture production, despite their harmful environmental impact. These materials contribute to harmful emissions, chemical usage, high energy consumption, and excessive waste in landfills. To align with sustainability goals, opt for materials and fabrics that are ethically sourced, responsibly manufactured, and recyclable whenever possible. Embrace natural and organic options like sustainable wood, organic cotton, linen, jute, calico, and bamboo. Bamboo, in particular, is gaining popularity among furniture manufacturers due to its rapid growth and significant carbon-absorbing capabilities, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious designs.

Harness Natural Light:
Maximising natural light significantly contributes to sustainability in office fit-out. Allowing more sunlight into the workspace reduces the need for artificial lighting, resulting in lower utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint. Consider these strategies to enhance natural lighting:

  • Position high-traffic areas near natural light sources to maximise their benefits.
  • Incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights into your office refurbishment.
  • Avoid obstructing existing natural light sources with storage units or partitions.
  • Explore outdoor work settings if feasible within your workspace.
  • Increased natural light not only reduces energy consumption but also enhances productivity and creativity among employees. Studies have shown that workplaces with access to daylight experience higher productivity and creativity levels.

Natural light in office fit-out

Re-evaluate Office Size:
In addition to transforming your current workspace, consider downsizing to a smaller office. Reducing your physical footprint not only benefits the environment but also lowers energy expenses. Incorporating motion sensor lights is another effective way to minimise energy consumption. However, when transitioning to a smaller workspace, ensure that every square meter serves a valuable purpose, optimising efficiency and sustainability.

At Estilo Interiors, we’re dedicated to helping you create sustainable office spaces that align with your values and attract top talent. By implementing these simple steps, you can make your office fit-out more eco-friendly and responsible, contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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